The Auglaize County Historical Society collects, preserves, interprets, and shares the history of Auglaize County and its people through exhibits, programs, and publications.

Established in 1963, the Auglaize County Historical Society has been telling Auglaize County's story for more than forty years. Today we're more committed than ever to provide programming for the widest and most diverse audience possible. History is important to the people of Auglaize County, and we're dedicated to preserving our heritage for generations to come.

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• 'A Military Memoir of World War II' by Katy Gilbert

• 'History of Holy Rosary Church' by George Neargarder

• 'Gordon Kinship' by Nancy McBride

• 'Shuffleton Kinship' by Nancy McBride

• 'Phelps-Marshall Kinship' by Nancy McBride

• Auglaize County Wood Miniature Mementos

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A Military Memoir of World War II

The Stories of Auglaize County's Veterans

by Katy Gilbert

'Military Memoir of WWII' by Katy Gilbert

This project was co-sponsored by the Minster Historical Society, New Bremen Historical Association, New Knoxville Historical Society, Cridersville Historical Society, Uniopolis Historical Society, and the Auglaize County Historical Society. It contains stories about Auglaize County veterans of World War II.


Auglaize County Historical Society Trustee Dr. Todd Spieles provides this testimonial: "These riveting interviews by reporter Katy Gilbert reveal some of the extraordinary events of World War II as witnessed through the eyes of Auglaize County natives. As members of the 'Greatest Generation,' these ordinary heroes relive their contributions and experiences in the Global conflict. This is the way that history should be written, by those who lived it."


"As the State Historian for the American Legion," writes Virgil Arling, "I have researched the history of the many major battles fought in the past century. Even though every war had many major battles, none compare to the number of lives lost as that of the invasion of Normandy, Battle of the Bulge, Iwo Jima, or Bougainville, just to name a few in World War II. This book presents local memories of these very events."


This fascinating 120 page book includes more than 100 photos and illustrations, and sells for only $10.00 plus $0.75 state tax and $5.00 shipping and handling, for a total of $15.75. ©2003 The Auglaize County Historical Society.





History of Holy Rosary Church

The most complete history book on Holy Rosary Church

by George Neargarder

'History of Holy Rosary Church' by George Neargarder

This book chronicles the spread of Catholicism in the state of Ohio and the formation of the Dioceses.


• List of churches located in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and the formation of the St. Marys Deanery in Auglaize and Mercer Counties.

• Complete lists of Bishops over the Ohio Territory from the First Bishop John Carroll in 1789 to Archbishop Pilarczyk in 2002.

• Brief history of Father Stephen Badin who preached in St. Marys in 1832, was the first ordained priest in the U.S. He donated the land to build the University of Notre Dame.

• Holy Rosary Church history from 1852 to 2002. Included is photos of all the pastors.

• History of Holy Rosary School and listing and photos of all the principals.


For the genealogist: They will find Death records of Holy Rosary Church from 1857 to 1911. Complete parishioners list for years 1917, 1929, 1942 and 2002. Ten early class photos with names.


The book has a hard cover 236 pages, includes 36 in color and 400 photos. The book sells for $24.95 plus $1.63 state tax and $5.00 shipping and handling, for a total of $31.58.





Gordon Kinship

by Nancy McBride

'Gordon Kinship' by Nancy McBride

Nancy McBride does not merely trace ancestry but also studies the development of our nation under the guidance of these many and varied leaders. It is an inspection and analysis of folks who bore proudly a sturdily patterned background and point of view, contributing to the rich panorama of history. It has been said that genealogy is the handmaid of history.


Here, in the progress of the Gordon family from ancient France through Scotland and Ulster into America, there is woven the bright fabric of everyday life.


Merging with the presentation of those married into the Gordon family are to be found stories of way of life, activities and lightly pleasant anecdotes rarely to be encountered in general history. A reader interested in annals of our country is granted here a stirring and inspiring reward in the careful perusal of the Gordon story, with its histories of noted Scots families related to Gordon's and in-depth studies of Harrison, Conway, Ball, Lee, Hays, Maitland, Rutherford, Innes, Forbes, Bryarly and Barrington and allied lines in America.


This 440 page hard back book printed in 1977 sells for only $25.00 plus $1.63 state tax and $5.37 shipping and handling, for a total of $32.00.





Shuffeltop Kinship

by Nancy McBride

'Shuffleton Kinship' by Nancy McBride

This is the story of a unique family. Although a Richard de Schyppewallebotham appeared in the 1285 Assizes of Lancashire the simplified name was carried into modern times by a small family in just that area and is seen today in the English corner where Lancashire, Derbyshire, Cheshire and Staffordshire meet.


In America it is still a small family but found from coast to coast. This is the first history written on Shuffelton. It was by chance that Mrs. McBride discovered the links that here enable each branch to discover each other. Early Shuffeltons, Shippobothum, Shefelton and Shovelton played their successful roles making our varied history by being builders, artisans, farmers, merchants, doctors and lawyers as their history shows. Many descendsnts carrying names of related families also carry Shuffelton blood.


Included are in-depth studies of the allied Coy, Fox, Watt, Wattys and Hill families.


This 107 page hard back book sells for only $15.00 plus $0.98 state tax and $5.02 shipping and handling, for a total of $21.00





Phelps-Marshall Kinship

by Nancy McBride

'Phelps-Marshall Kinship' by Nancy McBride

This book has its background in New England and early New York where these families contributed much to our history. They were builders, farmers and tradesmen, using their various skills to become ministers and judges, represent their neighbors and take up arms to protect others. The book is more than a pedigree; these relationships produced our people's heritage.


The Phelps story begins in central Europe and continues through five hndred English years to the 1630 emigrants to Dorchester, Massachusetts. Their allied families and those of the Marshalls read like a full history of Connecticut, fouonding the towns of Windsor, New Haven, Milford, Hartford and their offshoots.


The Marshalls and their kin tell the story of old Mew Amsterdam, all too lightly treated by historians. Origins of the Rutgers, Roosevelts, DeHooges, Bosch and others begin in Holland and trace their arrival in New Netherland.


One Marshall will shows disposition of a large acreage on now downtown New York. The noted Reverend John Rutgers Marshall of Woodbury married Sarah Bryan, bringing into the family other New England names such as Baldwin, Bryan, Clark, Tapp, Wilmot, Newton, Fletcher, Knowles, Phippin, Ward, Gibberd and the Reverend Thomas Hooker.


This 339 page hard back book was printed in 1977 and sells today for only $20.00 plus $1.50 state tax and $5.50 shipping and handling, for a total of $27.00.





Auglaize County Wood Miniature Mementos


These decorative wood miniatures in the unique shapes of Auglaize County historical landmarks were commissioned especially for the Auglaize County Sesquicentenniel celebration. They feature a brief history of their subjects printed on the back of each.


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Mainly through the efforts of Dr. G. W. Holbrook, "The Father of Auglaize County," Wapakoneta was chosen as the site for the first county courthouse. Noted for its Corinthian style architecture, the building cost $11,499.00. Completed in 1850, it served the county for 45 years.










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Constructed in 1992 in uptown St. Marys, the bridge spans the St. Marys River. It connects Memorial Park with municipal parking lot. All labor and materials to build the bridge donated by citizens and businesses in the St. Marys area. Dale F. Grimes bridge foreman, James Kite foreman and assistant.











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Dedicated January 1, 1989, the bell and clock were part of the 1902 original bell tower at the old West School. The new tower resembles the original, but it is now in Memorial Park. AAP St. Marys Corp. donated the structure to house the bell and clock







These unique Auglaize County mementos sell for only $15.00 each plus $0.97 state tax and $1.62 shipping and handling, for a total of $17.59.





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