The Auglaize County Historical Society collects, preserves, interprets, and shares the history of Auglaize County and its people through exhibits, programs, and publications.

Established in 1963, the Auglaize County Historical Society has been telling Auglaize County's story for more than forty years. Today we're more committed than ever to provide programming for the widest and most diverse audience possible. History is important to the people of Auglaize County, and we're dedicated to preserving our heritage for generations to come.

Thank you for visiting our website. We invite you to learn more about us and join in this important effort.

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An organization dedicated to the past...
with a vision for the future:

The Auglaize County Historical Society “collects, preserves, interprets, and shares the history of Auglaize County and its people through exhibits, programs, and publications.” The Society has dedicated itself to this mission since 1963.

With county museums in St. Marys and Wapakoneta, six village historical societies, and several other history organizations throughout the country, good people have been doing good work in preserving our unique and history.

Preserving our history for future generations is an important job. We need your help. Your membership in the Auglaize County Historical Society enables us to continue this commitment to preserve the past.  It also provides you the opportunity to share in this important effort, to participate directly in telling the Auglaize County story.


Your membership helps us do many good things:


The Auglaize County Historical Society owns and maintains the Daniel Mooney Museum (St. Marys), the Wapakoneta History Museum, the former Olive Branch United Methodist Church in Shinbone, and the Gary Log House at the Auglaize County Fairgrounds.


The Auglaize County Historical Society publishes books, tour guides, bimonthly newsletters, brochures, and reprints of historic documents.


Volunteers work with local teachers to provide student tours of local historic sites and museums, classroom visits, and special presentations.   The Auglaize County Historical Society also provides educational opportunities for educators themselves, such as the weeklong teacher institute about American Indians.


The Auglaize County Historical Society's annual programming includes lectures, seminars, workshops, tours, traveling exhibits, bus trips, special tours, a speaker's bureau, and more. The Society also collaborates with other organizations in the county on special projects.  In 2008, for example, the Historical Society created a traveling exhibit honoring the industrial and manufacturing heritage of two 175th birthday communities, entitled “Made in New Bremen, Made in Wapakoneta.” 


Many people turn to the Society each year for information about people, places, and events from Auglaize County history.


Membership is good for you, too:

The Society's regular newsletters and updates feature information about local history, preservation, and upcoming events.


General membership meetings are held throughout the year, and feature special speakers and programs.


Members discounts on Historical Society merchandise, publications, and bus trips help the membership pay for itself over the course of a year!



The Historical Society sponsors two bus trips, in the spring and fall, which visit historic sites around the state.



Educators visit the Ohio Historical Society's Johnston Farm at Piqua during the Historical Society's teacher institute.







The traveling exhibit entitled "Other Citizens" toured the county with information about the ethnic groups that settled here.



The Historical Society annually collaborates with the village historical societies on an exhibit at the Gary Log House during the fair.






The Historical Society has hosted workshops about gravestone restoration in Freyburg and Shinbone.









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